My agenda for the June 9 Board meeting is as follows:

1. Judy Low – Call to Order, Roll Call

2. Gary Mack – 5 minutes. Gary requested those 5 minutes at the start of the meeting.

3. Heather Chapin – Presentation and approval of minutes.

4. Board Member reports – Review position description and identify topics for future Board discussion, identifying those that will potentially be brought to the General Membership.

5. Judy Low – Support for the Street Fair, getting receipts to EPNO.

6. Paying Will for website services.

7. Who has the key to the meeting room?

I anticipate these 7 items will take up all of our time, and in light of my perspective articulated above, I do not plan to invite potential Board members to this meeting. If the Board agrees, we can convene another Board meeting and put that at Number One on the agenda. In the alternative, if all Board members agree, we can extend the length of this meeting and discuss skills needed on the Board and submit names of potential candidates. Board recruitment is an ongoing duty of any Board. If at any time you find someone who has skills that would benefit Lents Neighborhood Association, you should raise it under New Business, so we can begin to have a pool of candidate names. If and when a vacancy arises or an election is imminent, we can interview and propose them at that time.

All Board meetings are public meetings. If you want to bring a particular issue before the General Membership, the Board meeting is the appropriate venue. The Board handles business matters, and reports to the General Membership what actions it has taken on the Association’s behalf since the last General Meeting. These have been listed on previous agendas as “updates” from the various committees.

The Association Secretary presents the minutes from the immediately prior meeting and requests that they be approved. This happens at both the Board meeting and the General Meeting. Approval is necessary because the minutes, as the official record, must accurately reflect what transpired at each meeting. The minutes of both meetings are (or should be) accessible by the entire membership (I’m working on it).

The Bylaws state that the Treasurer’s report is only made as directed by the Board. I have requested all Board members come to Thursday’s meeting prepared to update the rest of the Board on the activities of that position, so we may all get “on the same page.” We are entering a new fiscal year, so this should be good timing.

Unfortunately, if we’re going to put on a Street Fair, we need to get receipts for expenditures in to EPNO by this week. Hopefully, we can list our expenditures and forward the actual receipts when we get them. I will check with Richard Bixby; he and Eliza will be gone from the office starting on June 10 (Friday).

We are supposed to “interview” candidates for vacant Board positions; however, I believe we should postpone this so we can focus on identifying our priorities as a Board, determine skill sets that we lack, and then find candidates who will help us get stronger. My analogy is that we are oars, and we need to find out which oars are missing, get new oars, and put all our oars in the water, rowing in the same direction.