Meet The 2020 LNA Candidates!

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Gerald AdkinsMy name is Gerald Adkins and I am running for the 1 year term position of LNA Treasurer.

I was born and raised in Canton Ohio, and recently moved from Ohio to Portland in 2016 to pursue better quality of work and have resided here since. I have lived in Lents with my Wife and 3 daughters for 2 years and have a strong desire to strengthen the neighborhood for my children’s sake as they will grow up here.

I am a Realtor by trade and a filmmaker by hobby, but my primary “job” is a father and husband. I believe in the family as the base to all communities regardless of the category.

I am pursuing the position of Treasurer for the LNA because I have an interest in collective finance and want to use my skills to aid in the development of the community.


Natalie Atkins

My name is Natalie Adkins and I am running for the Public Safety position.

I was born and raised in Washington State, moved to Ohio, then back to the West Coast to pursue job opportunities as a nurse. I have lived in Lents for about four years and my kids attend school here. I have worked in the healthcare field for as long as I can remember, volunteering with youth, volunteering at after-school programs with disadvantaged youth, working as a family case manager, and assisting adults with job placement and resume writing.

I’m passionate about doing my best to help close the wealth gap and empower disadvantaged communities through education.

One of the reasons I am running for the Public Safety seat is because I’d like to use my knowledge and experience as an Infection Prevention Control Nurse to help our community get through this unprecedented time of COVID-19.


Morgin Carpenter My name is Morgin Carpenter and I’m running for the Secretary position on the LNA Board.

I have been living in Lents for 4 years. My daughter is a student at Kelly Elementary and I have been volunteering at the school as well as teaching classes in the SUN program for over a year.

I’m running for the Secretary position because I would like to contribute my skills in media and technology toward a positive community environment. I truly believe that positive change happens from the ground up and supporting those in our own communities is the best and most effective way to do that.

If elected, I vow to execute the duties of Secretary with the utmost care and consideration for all our neighbors, while advocating for livability and sustainability for every person living in our community.


Jean FangMy name is Jean Fang, and I am running for the position of LNA Vice-Chair, a 1-year term position.

I moved to Lents in July 2020, and am excited to develop deep roots here and support this amazing neighborhood as it grows. In my short time calling Lents home, I’ve already seen the importance of the neighborhood association bringing neighbors together via the LNA’s Zoom Meetings, and keeping Lents clean with the Neighborhood Clean-up event in September. I hope you’ll let me utilize my passion for community, my organizational skills, and my creativity to engage and empower Lents.

The events of this past year have been unexpected in many ways, but most of all, have highlighted the importance of knowing our neighbors and supporting our community. I am running for the position of vice-chair in order to support all of our board members to develop programming aligned with the LNA’s Purpose and enhance what it means to be part of the Lents Neighborhood.

As the vice-chair, my priorities would be the following: (1) increase community engagement with the LNA by providing and emphasizing the benefits of active membership, (2) encourage local businesses to participate and partner with the LNA for neighborhood events, and (3) highlight the achievements and celebrate members of our Lents community in a neighborhood-centric forum.

I’m an engineer by trade, but not by personality. You’ll recognize me by my smile, and I encourage you to say hello! Neighbors: let’s build something together!


Katie PennaMy name is Katie Penna and I’m running for the At-Large, 1 year  position on the LNA Board.

I’ve been living in Lents for 6 years. I’m passionate about community, bringing the Lents community together, and bringing equity and inclusion to the Portland city government.

I have previously sat on the LNA board, I was appointed when we had a rash of resignations and needed a quorum before the election. I also sat on the board of a non-profit called baby blues for 1 year.

I’m running for the at large position because there are a lot of things happening simultaneously in Portland and in our neighborhood and I’d like to ensure that we as a community have an opportunity to get a seat at the table when it comes time to make important decisions.

If elected, I would like to bring Lents community involvement in the discussion about changing the Portland city charter and Lents community involvement when it comes to the Portland Public Schools balancing and redistricting plans for Lents School.