LNA Board Meeting Agenda for May 9, 2019

Action items:

  • Approve minutes from Board Meetings: April 2019, October 2018
  • Set agenda for May 2019 General Meeting
  • Sabina proposal: LNA to take position in support of changing the city form of government and creating city council districts

LNA events (Transportation Forum; “Dumpster” cleanup)


  • Dissolving the Lents Neighborhood Association 
  • How are we measuring the success of our organization?
  • Format of general meetings
  • Elections Committee: September board elections and recruitment


PGE bills; LNA events sponsorship (Memory Garden “Spring Fling”, Pet Parade, History Committee; Lents Garage Sale); Lents Territory Acknowledgement; Sabina to turn in check from Bureau of Planning and Sustainability for Lents Community Closet expenses from January 2019

Executive session: current litigation or litigation likely to be files

LNA Board Meeting Agenda for April 11, 2019

April 11, 2019

8940 SE Reedway St

Board Meeting Agenda

Start: 6:30 PM

  1. EPCO funding changes (Angela Previdelli)
  2. Approve March 2019 Board Meeting minutes (Marci)
  3. Reimbursements and payments: Web hosting, flyers, etc.
  4. Committee reports: Finance, Events, Transportation, Land Use
  5. Agenda for April 2019 general meeting
  6. *Executive Session: current litigation or litigation likely to be filed

Adjourn: 8:00 PM

Upcoming LNA meetings

General Membership Meeting: 7:00 PM, April 23, Lents Community Center, 8835 SE Woodstock Blvd. LNA Board Meeting: 6:30 PM, May 9, 8940 SE Reedway St.

Special Meeting LNA Board 7/24/2018 6 PM

There will be a special meeting of the Lents Neighborhood Association board to appoint members to vacant board seats. The special meeting will take place at the Lents Activity Center, 8835 SE Woodstock, on July 24 at 6 pm. The regularly scheduled general membership meeting will follow at 7 pm, which will include ratification of the new board members.

If you are an LNA member and wish to be considered for appointment to a vacant seat on the board or have questions, send an email to lentsneighborhood@gmail.com or use the “Contact LNA” form at www.lentsneighborhoodassociation.com. Tell us about yourself and why you want to join the LNA board. Open seats include transportation (until 9/’19), secretary (9/’18), chair (9/’19), public safety (9/’18)and at-large 9/’18 and 9/’19).