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LNA Board Members

Michael ‘Oli’ Collins, Vice Chair

I have lived in Lents for nearly 3 years now, and I’ve been on the LNA Board since 2016.  I moved here from Texas where I grew up on a small town on the Gulf Coast.  I love the small town feel of Lents, and am excited to watch Lents grow.  I love walking around Lents and taking bike rides down the spring water corridor.  I believe that, as a community, we need to start treating the Springwater Corridor and the Woody Guthry Multiuse Path (I-205 multiuse path) as assets, so that the city and state governments will start treating them as such.  I love Lents.

Cora Lee Potter, Land-use Chair

I have lived in Northwest Lents, near Lents Park for over a decade. At an early age, I learned a strong sense of civic duty from my grandmother and participated in fundraising and community building activities, benefiting elder services and children with disabilities throughout my childhood. My experience as a youth led me to a career in the non-profit sector and community engagement in all issues surrounding place-making, urban development and transportation infrastructure in Lents.

My educational background is in Anthropology and Art History and I have expertise in non-profit management, community-based transportation operations and planning, grant writing, ethnographic research, archaeological and historic services/ historic preservation, accessible transportation policy advocacy and public art. I served as the Chair of the Lents Town Center Urban Renewal Advisory Committee for four years and on the Metro Regional Transportation Policy Alternatives Committee for four years. In addition, I have participated in an advisory role for many other city and regional transportation and land-use committees. I have a rescued puggle named Dale and three chickens named Bunny, Fannie and Nan.


Barbara Bader, At Large


Ray Hites, Treasurer


LNA Committees

Equity and Inclusion

Scope of work: The Equity and Inclusion Committee aims to provide avenues for People of Color, New Portlanders, and People with Disabilities to engage in neighborhood activities and LNA meetings and events, as well as help LNA members meet diverse communities and engage with them in their own places and forums.

Chair: Cora Potter
Members: Adam Brunelle, Christopher Robin, Christopher Luchini, Hayley Graves, Kate Schwab, Joann Rees Luchini, Laurianne Kealiher, Leisl Wehmueller, William Graves
Typical meeting time and location: Third Tuesdays from 6:30-8:00 PM at Reedway Place Community Room 8940 SE Reedway
Contact info: cora.potter@gmail.com

Land Use

Scope of work: The Land Use Committee is authorized to respond to land-use cases on behalf of the association and to request input from the General Membership, as needed. They collaborate to respond to time-sensitive land-use cases and developer meeting requests. Each project is unique, so the scope of activities around that project vary based on the size, impacts and past neighborhood responses to similar projects.

Chair: Cora Potter

Members: Amanda Lunger,  Nick Christensen, Brian D’Agostine. Don Keinholz (technical advisory only). Other neighbors often participate based on their interest in and proximity to individual projects.

Typical meeting time and location: Meets on an ad hoc basis. Meetings occur when there is a time sensitive land-use case to review.

Contact info: cora.potter@gmail.com


Scope of work: The Livability Committee works as a liaison between agencies and residents who wish to share Livability concerns, such as crime/public safety, air quality, housing/houselessness, and equity.

Chair: TBD

Typical meeting time and location: TBD

Contact info: lentsneighborhood@gmail.com


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