7:00 – Welcome, Board Introductions
7:05 – Ratification of new Board members/nominations. Call for formation of Nominations Committee to prepare for September elections; sign up sheet at sign-in desk.
7:25 – Cora Potter, Land Use Chair, hosts Rose CDC presentation on Woodie Guthrie Project
7:45 – Amanda Gerace, Events Chair, provides update on Lents Street Fair (plus call for volunteers in specific categories, financial & in-kind donations, who to see for vendor opportunities, etc., sign up sheets on sign-in desk?)
7:50 – Rebecca Binford, Treasurer, follow-up report on expenditures authorized by the Membership at the last meeting (Gazebo Project, Website, etc., call for donations for Street Fair (how to make checks payable, how to give cash donations)
8:00 – Committee Updates: Land Use, Transportation, Public Safety, East Portland Connections, Outreach/Engagement/Kiosk
8:20 – Heather Chapin, Secretary – Approval of Minutes from May 24 meeting
8:25 – New Business, Announcements from the Floor
8:30 – Adjourn

I expect the ratification of new Board members to take no longer than 5 minutes for each position. Because Nick posted his appointment withdrawal on the LNA Facebook page, I am considering it to be official. Consolidating announcement of Nominations Committee with this issue.
Would like to give Cora more time with Rose CDC, because there may be questions from the Membership. Placed this item here so the presenters don’t have to sit through the whole meeting (unless they want to!)
Would like to give Amanda a lot of time, because this Event was touch-and-go for a while and people may have questions, plus this is an opportunity to solicit volunteers and financial support.
Gave Rebecca only 5 min. because the expenditures were discussed last month, and she’s just letting the Membership know we followed through. The rest of the time is for a followup request for financial support and explaining how donations can qualify for a tax deduction.
Committee updates should not take longer than 5 minutes apiece, leaving time for questions from the Membership.
Request for people to form a Nominations Committee and approval of last month’s minutes should not take longer than 5 min.
People can raise issues for the Board to discuss/place on future agenda.