Our general membership meeting in June is canceled, but the LNA Board will still meet at the regularly scheduled time of the general meeting to conduct Board business. This meeting will be open to the public, although we don’t typically take public comment during Board meetings. Topics that we’ll cover include:

Project/event updates:

  • LNA events update: Pedalpalooza; “Dumpster” cleanup
  • Lents Collective update  

Finance/treasurer update

-Reimbursements: food May general membership meeting (pre-approved expense Sabina); childcare May general membership meeting; Lents Collective (pre-approved expense; Sabina); allotment reimbursement check dated 1/09/2019 – not deposited? (reference email from City of Portland); Lents Territory Acknowledgement;

-Update on PGE bills and LNA website domain and hosting renewal;

-LNA events sponsorship (Memory Garden “Spring Fling”, Pet Parade