At the March 8, 2021 LNA Board Meeting, Gayle Palmer from the East Portland Resilience Coalition (EPRC) gave a presentation about creating a community resilience plan in hopes of the LNA joining as either a voting partner along with the, then, 16 other voting partner organizations, or as an affiliate participant in a non-voting capacity. (EPRC) was recently awarded a planning grant from the Portland Clean Energy Fund (PCEF) giving them nearly $100 thousand in planning funds to cover their first initiative. Gayle was kind enough to send over her presentation and accompanying documents for the LNA Membership to review:

EPRC Presentation for April 2021

EPRC Commission Purpose Statement

Please see linked Minutes for a more robust rundown of her presentation and the Board’s discussion surrounding it. Also note that although the LNA is named in the presentation as being a non-voting participant, there has been no vote to formalize that and the Board intends to bring it to the Membership for a vote as to whether the LNA will join.