Interim Board Update

Lents Folks,

We’re beginning to make progress.

The rest of the LNA infrastructure has been handed off to us by the outgoing board.  This includes the bank account from which we’ve paid the PGE bill (auto payment) and will be paying a fee to Oregon for being a 501c4 organization soon.

Real Elections are Coming

Finding candidates

From now and maybe into February, we’ll be looking for candidates to run for the various positions on the full board. Each position is supposed to be a 2 year term, with half staggered to be up in yearly elections. Since we’re doing a cold re-start, half of the posts will be for a period of only one year. That will get us back on track to September elections in 2023 and 2024.

Meeting the Candidates and Discussing the future

Once we’ve found candidates, in February, we’ll arrange Zoom meetings for them to talk with you and website space for their bios and such.

Decision Day

We’re planning for a virtual LNA General Meeting with the election at the end of March.

This will be a hybrid online election.  We will operate a drop-off physical ballot as well.

Details will follow

We have met with representatives from EPCO, and have validated with them our basic process for going forward.

We first will post instructions for

  • Declaring your interest in running for a seat on the LNA Board
  • Registering your membership with LNA
  • Special Election Online Ballot
  • Special Election Printed Ballot Drop-off


Don Johnson
Interim Chair, Lents Neighborhood Association.
I personally foresee a Chicken Beauty Contest this summer.


By Donald Johnson

Interim chair, Nov 2021-Feb 2022