Here are some recent LNA events and community projects we’ve generated or supported from 2018 to present. 

Please reach out to us if you have a project or event of your own that you’d like support with! 

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Lents Q&A with mayoral candidates.


Lents Dumpster Cleanup

Open to all: Please join us for a tour of Lents’ unique attractions, including Malden Court Community Orchard, pollinator sites, and Lents Collective.

Think of it as Lents’ very own Pedalpalooza event! We’ll kick off the tour at the Community Tool Library, 9215 SE Ramona Street, at 10 AM, and that’s also where we will end around 12 PM. After the tour, we’ll continue over to Flipside, for conversations and a bite or refreshing beverage.  

This event is hosted by the Lents Neighborhood Association and Green Lents. For the latest updates, visit the event Facebook page.