The LNA Election on September 26th, 2017 is fast approaching. Candidates are stepping forward and we will need time to hear from them all before casting our votes.
To ensure all members are able to sign in before the meeting start time we will be doing the following:
1. Doors will open at 6:30 PM which is 30 minutes before the general meeting. This will allow time for folks to sign in and get their ballots before the meeting starts.
2. A piece of identification will be required to establish residency. Types of ID that work are photo IDs, drivers licenses, a utility bill with a Lents address, or a member may sign a statement of affirmation that they reside in the neighborhood. If you are representing a business or non-profit organization in the neighborhood, please bring a copy of the letter from that business/non-profit designating you as their official representative.
If you know someone you think would be a good candidate for the LNA board, please nominate them by emailing You may also nominate yourself if you’re up for the job!
Board positions that are being voted on for this election are:
1. Chair
2. Land Use Chair
3. Transportation Chair
4. At-Large, 3 total available positions
Volunteers are also needed for election night. We need help getting folks signed in and distributing and counting ballots. We also need help watching the doors etc. to ensure folks don’t go in and out to sign in more than once.
There will be a pre-election meet and greet where folks can get to know candidates on September 12th at Kingpins Chalet Community Room at 6:30 PM