LNA elections update April 14th 2022

LNA elections update April 14th 2022

Four more days to declare your candidacy for a seat on the LNA board elections May 24th! Register as a  Candidate here

Declarations for “at large” positions are not being accepted at this time.

Meet the current candidates:

Jessica Ward
“I would love to be part of the board as a Lents resident, business owner and licensed realtor in the great state of Oregon I am qualified to advocate on the needs of our community.”

Joanna Morrill
“I would like to serve on the Lents Neighborhood Association Board because I am passionate about community building. I have lived in Portland my whole life and have been a resident of Lents since 2015. I want to help make Lents a better place for businesses and residents to thrive. I have owned a home in Lents since 2016, and have seen a lot of changes since that time, including a decline in public safety. I think it is important for residents of this neighborhood to feel safe and I hope to help make this area livable for everyone.

I have a Master’s Degree in Conflict Resolution and have done lots of social justice work in the past. I currently work at a manufacturing company in Beaverton in Human Resources and serve as a liaison between the shareholders of that company and the management team. I have experience taking notes and serving on council and board meetings. My husband is from El Salvador, and we speak Spanish in the home, so I am bilingual. I believe that my education and experience can help the Lents Neighborhood Association achieve goals and create some positive change. I hope to make a difference in this neighborhood by serving on the Lents Neighborhood Association Board. ” Joanna Morrill

Bradley Bondy
“As the neighborhood Association’s secretary, I will maintain accurate and readily accessible records, meeting materials, and other information of interest to community members. I will work with the rest of the board to engage with the community and increase the membership of the Neighborhood Association. Thanks for your consideration, Bradley Bondy

Nancy Keating
No statement provided at this time.

Kenneth Luchini
“My name is Ken Luchini and I am running for LNA Treasurer.
As LNA Treasurer, I will reinstate the sound financial practice of monthly Treasurer’s Reports for LNA transparency and accountability.
I will establish and work with an LNA Finance Committee, Unitus Credit Union, and LNA’s fiscal sponsor, East Portland Neighbors (EPN), in attempt to get answers to unanswered questions arising from the 2019 – 2020 LNA Financial Report.
As a board member, I will make a motion that all LNA Board Members be required to sign an annual disclosure of conflict of interest/loyalty agreement, in accordance with City of Portland’s Office of Community and Civic Life and the City’s Attorney’s Office.
Also,  I will look for grant opportunities that LNA may be eligible for, which will support community-building activities that benefit the entire Lents community.”

Public Safety
Jasmine Anderson-Sprague
“I have hesitated in responding to these emails and the request for my willingness to run for an LNA board position at this point due to the mess that was last fall. I responded to the request for interested parties with full faith and belief that this was a community invested in it’s members and seeing all humans within it’s boundaries succeed.
I am interested in a board position – I have carefully weighed the options of ‘do or not do’, and considered the ‘not do’ but I would also like to share my concerns re: my dismissal from the “”current board”” email threads before it was formed because of my calls for transparency and honesty.
I believe that whatever is happening, regardless of the inching or standing still it is doing, it should be shared as openly as possible on all platforms: Facebook, any emails still retained, I Love Lents Facebook group, website, etc. If we aren’t sharing the fact that things are happening it won’t matter how things come to be – it will feel like a surprise, just like how this current ‘interim board’ came to be.”

Land-Use Chair
Mary Oxford
“I believe this position is very important for what happens in Lents. We need to be informed of the developments, especially what Prosper Portland and Palindone are planning for our area. I would like to see open & public input on ALL the development in Lents, which has not been done for the last 2 years.”

Board seat descriptions:

Chair: The Chair is the President of the Lents Neighborhood Association, and shall preside at all board meetings and all membership meetings, and shall perform such duties as the Board and the membership from time to time authorizes. The Chair shall represent the position of the Board and the interests of the LNA. The Chair may also share certain duties with the Vice-Chair with approval of the Board. This position shall be up for election in odd numbered years. Also responsible for meeting agendas with the vice-chair

Vice-Chair: The Vice Chair shall perform the duties of the Chair in his/her absence, and as authorized by the bylaws or regulations of the Board. This position shall be up for election in even numbered years.

Secretary: The Secretary shall record and maintain minutes of membership and board meetings, assist the Chair with correspondence, and maintain the non financial files of the LNA. The Secretary will maintain a list of Board members and their terms. This position shall be up for election in even numbered years.

Treasurer: The Treasurer shall have charge of all funds belonging to the LNA and shall receive, deposit and disburse funds for the LNA in a bank or financial institution in such manner as designated by the Board. The Treasurer shall make financial reports as directed by the Board. This position shall be up for election in even numbered years.

Land-Use Chair: The Land Use Chair shall represent the Land Use Committee on the Board, be responsible for all land use issues, and will act as the LNA’s representative in the community on land use issues. The Land Use Committee is a standing committee, and shall have the authority to make determinations on land use decisions on behalf of the LNA. This position shall be up for election in odd numbered years.

Transportation Chair: The Transportation Chair shall represent the Transportation Committee on the Board, will be responsible for all transportation issues, and will act as the LNA’s representative in the community on transportation issues. This position shall be up for election in odd numbered years.

Public-Safety Chair: The Public Safety Chair shall represent the Public Safety Committee on the Board, will develop crime prevention and safety related programs, and will act as the LNA’s representative in the community on public safety issues. This position shall be up for election in even numbered years.

More news to follow ….

Regards, LNA Interim board