Sept. 16, 2021


Dear Burgerville management, 

We are writing today to express our disappointment at the closure of the Burgerville restaurant located in the Lents neighborhood, at SE 92nd and Powell. 

In an area that’s been labeled a “food desert” and where the majority of Portland’s low income, families, and BIPOC folks live, your restaurant provides an important service to the community. We oppose the unilateral closure of the store and the company’s indifference to working with the employees and the community to assist houseless folks in our community. 

We oppose, in no uncertain terms, any sweep of the area. 

We support a humane solution that includes the company working with the Burgerville Workers Union, community groups, and our houseless neighbors to build community and safety for all. 

The Lents Neighborhood association is Lents-based, just like your restaurant on 92nd and Powell, and we’ve had a good experience working with Street Roots Ambassadors, Portland Street Response, and PDX Saints, to build community between housed and unhoused neighbors, do cleanups, create safety for more people, and eliminate the stigma around mental health, houselessness, and substance use issues. 

We highly encourage Burgerville management to reach out to community groups and the community at large to find ways to help address their issues and to continue serving our neighborhood with their restaurant. We encourage you to give us and the City of Portland an opportunity to help you re-open and stay open for business. 



The Lents Neighborhood Association Board (2020-2021)


**letter voted on at the LNA Board meeting on 9-16-21**