The Lents Neighborhood Association stands in solidarity with all Asian, Asian-American & Pacific Islander (AAPI) communities. We are deeply saddened by the horrific attacks in Georgia, in which anti-Asian racism and misogyny resulted in the senseless murder of eight people:

Xiaojie Tan (Emily) 49
Delaina Ashley Yaun 33
Paul Andre Michels 54
Daoyou Feng 44
Hyun Jung Grant (née Kim) 51
Suncha Kim 69
Soon Chung Park 74
Yong Ae Yue 63

Anti-Asian racism is historically a recurring theme here in the U.S., and regrettably, this is but the latest example of an escalating series of racist attacks against Asian members of our communities. Since the start of the COVID-19 pandemic, our AAPI neighbors have been targeted by those motivated by white supremacist ideology and world views who are emboldened by the racist rhetoric of certain media figures and politicians.

In the last year, anti-Asian sentiment and acts of vandalism, harassment, and violence against Asian American & Pacific Islander members of communities across the country have gone up by a staggering 150%.

For decades, Asian American and Pacific Islander communities have looked to the Jade District in Lents and other neighborhoods as a sanctuary, a place to foster community, start businesses and call home. But even here, in our neighborhoods, condemnable acts of violence and intimidation have taken place. At least 11 Asian-owned businesses report being targeted with attacks such as rocks and bricks thrown through their windows in January 2021 alone. Our neighbors at Asian Pacific American Network of Oregon (APANO) say this comes as anti-Asian sentiment grows in the city and around the country.

We condemn these acts of terror and the racist rhetoric that fuels them. As we mourn with the families and communities of the victims of the unconscionable acts in Georgia, we also affirm our commitment to combating racism and white supremacy, in all its forms, and vow to work with our neighbors, community members, and allies toward a more just and equal society.

We are with you and we see you.

We encourage our neighbors who might have the means to do so to support local businesses that have been targeted by recent hate crimes, including:
My Brother’s Crawfish 
Fujiyama on 82nd
Toast La Tea
Hanoi Kitchen
Utopia Restaurant
Buddy Lounge
Vinny’s Barbershop
Highlight Auto Body
Saint & Sinners Tattoo
Thanh’s Billiards
Nail Tek. INC
Khoe Va Dep

In solidarity,
The Lents Neighborhood Association

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LNA Solidarity Statement With AAIP