2020-2021 LNA Board Members


Gerald AdkinsTreasurer: Gerald Adkins

I was born and raised in Canton Ohio, and recently moved from Ohio to Portland in 2016 to pursue better quality of work and have resided here since. I have lived in Lents with my Wife and 3 daughters for 2 years and have a strong desire to strengthen the neighborhood for my children’s sake as they will grow up here.

I am a Realtor by trade and a filmmaker by hobby, but my primary “job” is a father and husband. I believe in the family as the base to all communities regardless of the category.

Natalie AtkinsPublic Safety: Natalie Adkins

I was born and raised in Washington State, moved to Ohio, then back to the West Coast to pursue job opportunities as a nurse. I have lived in Lents for about four years and my kids attend school here. I have worked in the healthcare field for as long as I can remember, volunteering with youth, volunteering at after-school programs with disadvantaged youth, working as a family case manager, and assisting adults with job placement and resume writing. I’m passionate about doing my best to help close the wealth gap and empower disadvantaged communities through education.

Jason BirdAt-Large 1 year: Jason Bird

I’m Jason Bird. I have been living in Lents since 2007. I enjoy the cultural diversity of this neighborhood and its proximity to the city and to nature. Several years ago I took an interest in the history of Lents and began archiving all the photos and documents that I could find. I am in the process of creating a website to host the artifacts I have compiled, making them available to anyone interested. I have always appreciated that there is an active neighborhood association and those who put in the energy to keep it going and productive. In 2019 I decided to show my support by becoming an At-Large member and now I have continued that by committing to a second term.

Land Use Chair: Jennifer Breedlove

Bio coming soon!

Morgin Carpenter Secretary: Morgin Carpenter

Lents resident since 2016. My daughter is a student at Kelly Elementary and I have been volunteering at the school as well as teaching classes in the SUN program for over a year.

I ran for the Secretary position because I wanted to contribute my skills in media and technology toward a positive community environment. I truly believe that positive change happens from the ground up and supporting those in our own communities is the best and most effective way to do that.

Jean FangVice Chair: Jean Fang

Jean Fang moved to Lents in July 2020, and has already seen the importance of the neighborhood association bringing Lents together via the LNA’s Zoom Meetings and keeping our community clean with the Neighborhood Clean-up event in September 2020. In addition to serving as the LNA Vice President, she is a facilities engineer, dedicated dog mom, and dancer.

Chair: Sabina Urdes

Bio coming soon!

At-Large 2 years: Bonnie Nicole Williams

I moved to Lents in 2016 from the east coast and immediately drew parallels from the rapidly gentrifying, working class neighborhood where I had lived in Brooklyn, NY. I am passionate about social and environmental justice and am excited to work towards those ends in our neighborhood. I enjoy riding bikes, growing food, hiking, roller skating, and playing roller derby. I also foster dogs and cats for local animal rescue groups. I work in non-profit management and also own a retail small business. I look forward to bringing my professional skill set and passion for the environment to the LNA.