LNA Board Vacancy – Secretary

Hello All – we are seeking individuals who are interested in filling our vacant Board position of Secretary.

Secretary duties:
The Secretary shall record and maintain minutes of membership
and board meetings, assist the Chair with correspondence, and maintain the non‐financial files of the LNA. The Secretary will maintain a list of Board members and their terms.

Time commitment: At least 4 hours a month participating in meetings of the board and general membership, additional time compiling minutes, presenting them to the board and membership for review, and submitting accepted/adopted minutes to East Portland Neighborhood Office/ONI for record keeping purposes. The Secretary also frequently assists with meeting location scheduling/logistics and preparation of official correspondence.

The vacancy will be filled will be filled by appointment made by the Board, by a majority vote by board members present at a board meeting, subject to ratification by a majority vote of the general membership present at the next regularly called general membership meeting.

To express interest in the position, please submit a letter of introduction to the LNA board via email: lentsneighborhood at gmail dot com. We will accept letters of introduction until December 31, 2017.

Lents Neighborhood Association 2017 Election Results



Chair – Sabina Urdes 129 votes 69% of votes cast
Transportation – Christo Brehm 127 votes 71% of votes cast
Land Use – Cora Potter 132 votes 71% of votes cast
At Large 2 year – Jason Umtuch 115 votes 34% of votes cast
At Large 2 year – Barbara Bader 102 votes 30% of votes cast
At Large 1 year – Amina Wilson 144 votes 92% of votes cast

Other candidates and write ins:

David Potts 58 votes 31%
Jacqueline Trembly 1 vote >1%

Judy Low 52 votes 29%
Robert Santangelo 1 vote >1%

Land Use
Char Pennie 54 votes 29%
David Potter 1 vote >1%

At Large 2 year
Robert Schultz 73 votes 21%
Erik Benson 52 votes 15%

At Large 1 year
Erik Benson 3 votes 2%
Douglas Morrow 2 votes 1%
Tyler Hardin 1 vote >1%
Robert Schultz 1 vote >1 %
Gary Primack 1 vote >1%
Lee Rimar 1 vote >1%
Jonna Berman 1 vote >1%
Jennifer Young 1 vote >1%

LNA Election Update

The LNA Election on September 26th, 2017 is fast approaching. Candidates are stepping forward and we will need time to hear from them all before casting our votes.
To ensure all members are able to sign in before the meeting start time we will be doing the following:
1. Doors will open at 6:30 PM which is 30 minutes before the general meeting. This will allow time for folks to sign in and get their ballots before the meeting starts.
2. A piece of identification will be required to establish residency. Types of ID that work are photo IDs, drivers licenses, a utility bill with a Lents address, or a member may sign a statement of affirmation that they reside in the neighborhood. If you are representing a business or non-profit organization in the neighborhood, please bring a copy of the letter from that business/non-profit designating you as their official representative.
If you know someone you think would be a good candidate for the LNA board, please nominate them by emailing lentsneighborhood@gmail.com. You may also nominate yourself if you’re up for the job!
Board positions that are being voted on for this election are:
1. Chair
2. Land Use Chair
3. Transportation Chair
4. At-Large, 3 total available positions
Volunteers are also needed for election night. We need help getting folks signed in and distributing and counting ballots. We also need help watching the doors etc. to ensure folks don’t go in and out to sign in more than once.
There will be a pre-election meet and greet where folks can get to know candidates on September 12th at Kingpins Chalet Community Room at 6:30 PM

Know a neighbor with a “can-do” disposition that wants to tackle community based projects?

Nominate them to serve on the Lents Neighborhood Association Board! The current positions open are:

Chair – Facilitates meetings, coordinates with guest speakers, prepares agendas and assists other board members in achieving the shared goals of the LNA.

Land Use Chair – Monitors Land-use cases in the neighborhood and helps nearby neighbors respond to Land-use cases. Helps neighbors connect with and learn about larger city issues concerning land-use and the built environment.  Coordinates with BDS, BPS and Metro to ensure that neighbors are able to provide feedback on issues of land-use.

Transportation Chair – Keeps track of transportation planning issues and projects that impact Lents. Coordinates with ODOT, PBOT, Metro and TriMet to ensure that neighbors are able to provide feedback on issues of transportation.

At-Large – The “Choose your own Adventure” position. At-Large board members take on special projects. In the past, they’ve tackled organizing neighborhood clean-ups, organizing town hall events, doing membership outreach, and coordinating with other local groups like Parent Teacher Associations.

If you know anyone who would be a great LNA board member – nominate them! Or send them this LNA Candidate Form so they can self-nominate!

Lents Spring Clean Up!!! May 20th


May 20th

5040 SE 82nd Ave.

(corner of 82nd & SE Raymond Ct) 9AM – Until dumpsters are full

Bulky Waste clean up – Drop Boxes- Get rid of large items, broken used furniture Item Exchange – Bring good items to share, take what you need



NO- Hazardous waste materials- NO paint, chemicals, batteries NO- Kitchen garbage
NO- Residential yard debris and trimmings
NO- Waste or recyclables collected curbside

NO- Construction, Remodeling or Demolition Materials NO- Flooring: vinyl tiles, vinyl shet, mastic
NO- Walls: plaster, decorative plaster
NO- Celings: acoustic tiles, “popcorn” or spray-on texture NO- Insulation: spray-applied, blown-in, vermiculite

NO- Electrical: wire insulation, panel partitions NO- Fire doors, fire brick, fire proofing
NO- Commercial Loads

Sponsered by Lents Neighborhood Association – www.lentsneighborhoodassociation.com